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I post full comics pretty much everywhere, because why not? silently judges people who don't I like posting things everywhere because I make my living selling cool stuff, not selling ads or your personal information. The more of my comics you share the better.*

email lists & RSS

You can get comics via email here (weekdays) and/or store update emails here (about 3-4 per month.) I write both lists and don't share either one.

I bake a piping hot RSS feed every day. It's a mix of comics and store stuff.

Social feedia

I post full comics to Twitter. Among many, many, many, many other things.

The Joe Biden Fan Club is now the Diesel Sweeties Tumblr.

I've even come around to the fact that Facebook isn't going anywhere 😿

OK all in one breath now

My instagram is mostly cats, dogs and donuts. I don't quite understand Snapchat. but makes me smile.


Crikey, my Livejournal feed even still works! SO OLD

*If you'd like to republish any of my comics on your personal site, social media or feed, please do so with my blessing. I'd love to see it, but you don't even have to ask.

However, If you want to republish any of my comics on a commercial website, please email me first.

Is your site commercial? A handy guide:

Does it run ads? Do you work there? Is some CEO getting paid while you get ripped off? If any of those are true, you are probably a commercial website. I reserve the right to disavow you or make you look bad on Twitter. Please do not abuse the Creative Commons license. I have a Mummy Curse which has killed once before.

I wish I were kidding about the Mummy Curse.